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Big Floppa a mystical meme derived from the deepest, darkest depths of the pool of life, has granted us with his omnipotent presence within the Solana chain. Big Floppa or simply Floppa refers to a series of prolific memes based on photographs of a caracal cat named Gregory, along with other members of his native species. Originally circulated among Instagram and Twitter meme accounts starting in late December 2019, the meme gained more widespread popularity online starting in May 2020.
Gregory Caracal, birth name Gregori Alexandrovich Karakal, professionally known as Big Floppa, was a famous rapper and artist from the United Flops of America. After releasing the album "Flop Fo No Hoe", which was funded by his friend Gargantious Floppa, and his other friend Bella. He rose in prominence, making him the most successful rapper of all time.
His debut album, which is also his most famous album, "Flop Fo No Hoe", was released on November 24, 2014. It was his only released studio album, with the others being only live concerts or Im gay posthumously. The album contains seven tracks, with track number two, "Flop Fo No Hoe", being the biggest hit, peaked at number 1 in Billboard Hot 100.
Big Floppa was brutally murdered just a day before his birthday, on December 23, 2019, in 63rd Street Detroit.
1984: BIRTH
Big Floppa was born in Miami, Florida, on December 24, 1984, being the second child of Alexander Karakal and Catherine Caracal. Big Floppa is of Floppaslavian descent, according to an interview in 2014, hence his Slavic-like name, although his grandfather and great-grandfather did not have Slavic names, his grandmother did have a Slavic name as she lived in Floppaslavia and married his grandfather. Big Floppa has two siblings: his older half-brother Justin and his little sister Floppette. He lived most of his childhood in Miami with his family.
Big Floppa's talent in music and arts started showing when he was four. Big Floppa's kindergarten teacher was teaching the students to sing when suddenly Big Floppa, instead of adequately singing, rapped smoothly. The teacher loved his rap and called his father to say that Big Floppa is talented. Big Floppa's father, who was not interested in music in any sort, ignored it and told Big Floppa to "just be normal and do nothing". Big Floppa insisted on rap, so every Friday, Big Floppa's teacher would ask Big Floppa to rap at the front of the class. He was so happy, even though nobody cared.
In the 1990s, Big Floppa and Justin had a conversation in middle school, where they joked about being an actual rapper. Justin, who was a supportive brother, told Big Floppa that if he becomes a rapper, he would be "rich af". Big Floppa said that he had considered becoming one, but Justin interrupted and said he needed a catchy stage name. Thus, the name "Big Floppa" was born. Throughout middle school, Big Floppa and Justin often slept late to write rap lyrics and beat, with the help of their sister Floppette, who attended art class. However, Big Floppa's grades plummeted since he focused only on his hobby, so he stopped making lyrics and tunes until 2010 when he wrote his first single, "Big Floppa".
In the 2000s, Big Floppa did some naughty things, resulting in Chegg and Lil Floppa. Both of them would help their father to become famous and to lead Floppa Clan.
"Lemme get this straight. I flop fo no hoe. I flopped fo no hoe. I ain't even know who this Floppa's Hoe is."
—Big Floppa during an interview in 2018
In 2010, Big Floppa anonymously released his first single, "Big Floppa". The track turned out to be a success. It kickstarted his career, boosted his morale, and increased his work ethic. In 2011, Big Floppa and Justin contacted Bella, an old friend, to help fund them to make an album. Bella agreed and helped them with pieces of equipment. Big Floppa also asked Sogga, Mike, and Baweley to help them. At first, Sogga did not believe that Big Floppa made "Big Floppa", but then he agreed to join. The team pulled together and wrote nine tracks, released as the album "Flop Fo No Hoe".
In 2012, Big Floppa bought a ticket on Costa Flopcordia, but on 13 January the ship sunk, sogga was scared and she slipped damaging her head, Floppa and Sogga got on the Lifeboat and escaping the ship.
2014-2015: The Golden Age
After finishing the nine tracks, the Big Floppa Records finally released their first studio and last release, Flop Fo No Hoe. On the first day, there was nothing, but the album went mainstream the next day. Big Floppa's popularity skyrocketed, and he instantly gained hundreds and thousands of flops. He got interview requests from everywhere, and around three billion cats became a fan.
A month after the release, Big Floppa moved to Detroit, where he founded the Floppa Clan, which consists of the most hardcore Big Floppa fans and supporters. There, they met with Floppa Crips Gang, their archenemy. Big Floppa started to become an icon of the United Flops, both in art and politics, for some reason.
2015-2019: Live concerts, tours, and death
Big Floppa started his first tour in late 2015, where he travelled across the United Flops. The tour was named "The Big Floppa Tour". He first travelled to his hometown Miami, where his father was called onto the stage. He then travelled up north to Flopington DC and then to Phoolapelphia. Then, he got to New Flop City, Cleveland, and then Detroit. His final stop was Chicago.
Big Floppa's last and second tour was called "Big Floppa Goes International!", where he went to Europe and big countries. He went to most of Europe, Flopxico, Sogada, Floppaslavia, Flopan, and Bingustralia.
On December 26 2019, after Big Floppa's death, some theorized that Big Floppa escaped to Brazil instead of succumbing to fatal wounds in a hospital bed. However, many believe this theory to be rejected due to witness testimony placing Big Floppa's corpse in the suspected vehicle. The world ended up losing the most influential and inspiring artist that anyone had ever seen, causing a riot lasting two days.
"Why don't we, you know, just take a ride. We could take the boys as well! Probably just a little relaxing trip around Detroit, maybe we'll go to 63rd Street if we're lucky enough."
—Big Floppa a day before his death.
On December 23th, 2019, Big Floppa was sequentially found dead after a drive-by shooting on 63rd Street, Detroit. Released medical documents account for 16 gunshot wounds, leaving him in a critical state. The renowned musician was rushed to a surrounding hospital where he would later be pronounced dead after succumbing to his injuries. The official cause of death was reported as low oxygen caused by pneumothorax coupled with catastrophic injury to the heart and major blood vessels, leading to lethal blood loss. This artist shall live on in our hearts. May he flop in peace.
In 2021, Big Floppa II was created by Floppa Clan from the Revelation Project. Mad Drip makes Big Floppa II the leader and announces to the public that "Big Floppa has been found and has been guided back to Miami". Big Floppa II later orchestrated the Second Bingustani Civil War, supported by many Floppa Clan members.
Big Floppa Records is a record label founded by Big Floppa and his friends. The company owns every Big Floppa's songs, and sometimes his friends and family's, such as Chegg's "I Want To Fuck Bingus". The company has a net worth of around 250 million flops.
Floppa Clan is the most significant "registered" and law-immune mafia gang in the world. Big Floppa founded it, and it consists of Big Floppa's most dangerous and hardcore supporters. The Clan was founded as a response to the Floppa Sogga Genocide done by Bingus. With the support of the UF government, Floppa Clan fought its way to eradicate Bingus and his evil empire. Moreover, they fight Floppa Crips since they do not like Big Floppa's songs.
Noteably, the Floppa Clan and Floppa Crips Gang formed a temporary alliance in order to defeat the Cogga Gang, who was attempting to invade Miami. They were successful in doing this, and quickly went back to fighting.
Big Floppa has openly endorsed Barack Flobama almost every time he was asked about it, considering Flobama has done many things for him. He also funded Flobama's effort to eradicate binguses, and many of Floppa Clan members were a part of the UF government.
In 2012, Big Floppa hired Eris as his secretary. Floppa knew that Eris could be trusted, because of his incredible long schnauzer, and his hatred towards all Bingus life forms. Eris still works as Floppa's secretary to this day.
Big Floppa has two siblings, Justin and Floppette. All of them received the same luxury from Big Floppa's music sales. He has many friends, including famous rapper Sogga. Sometime in early 2016, he called out his father, who did not believe him becoming a real rapper. Still, his father, Alexander, received the benefits of his son's success.
Big Floppa's relations with his parents is supposedly good, knowing that his father, Alexander, works for the Floppa Clan. Big Floppa has always loved her mother, Catherine, who passed away because of an accident back in 2001. Even though he only has had one name, his mother would call Big Floppa in his American name Gregory or Greg, while his father would call him in his Floppaslavian name Grigori.
Big Floppa was a devout Floppist. He was raised in a moderate Floppist household since his ancestors were Floppaslavian. Since the Floppa Sogga Genocide, Big Floppa became a zealot for Floppism as he defended his species against the tyranny of Bingus. He has publicly promoted Floppism many times, and every time he started a live concert performance, he would always pray to Floppus in front of the audience on stage.
Big Floppa's children are Chegg and Lil Floppa. Big Floppa were not very close to them since both of them are "unwanted products". Still, Big Floppa took care of his children, giving them money and significant positions in the Floppa Clan. He later chose Lil Floppa to be his successor in the Floppa Clan.
"Doing Bingus‘ mom and wife right now."
—Big Floppa‘s Instagram story in 2017.
Since the Floppa Sogga Genocide, Big Floppa has always despised Bingus and his nation, Bingustan. He also promoted hate towards Bingus in his songs and disses towards Bingus. Even in his live concerts, Big Floppa would yell at the end of every performance, "Fuck Bingus and his mother!" which was indeed a vulgar and ungentlemanly statement. Still, this kind of behaviour was accepted in countries worldwide, especially floppa and sogga majority countries, because Bingus persecuted their species.
Young Choppa, a friend of Big Floppa who is also a rapper, visited the Bingus Re-Education Camp to record her music video "Binguses, You Better Flee!". The video contains censored yet disturbing graphics, reaping critics. Still, hatred towards Bingus and binguses were tolerable. Thus the situation faded away, with Big Floppa claiming that "the gore is just some puny CGI"
With around a billion copies of "Flop Fo No Hoe" sold, Big Floppa has won many awards in his lifetime. This includes 6 Grammys, 6 Billboard awards, the International Music Award, and his most prestigious Artist of the Decade. After his death, people referred to Big Floppa as a "miracle" in artistry, and his death was a terrible loss for the world.
"Doing Bingus‘ mom and wife right now."
—Big Floppa
"You shouldn‘t believe anything on the internet, man. Those blood and organs in Choppa‘s music video? Those are just some puny CGIs. Don‘t get fooled."
—Big Floppa
"Fuck Bingus and his mother!"
—Big Floppa
"Flop fo no hoe!"
—Big Floppa
"I despise Bingus and everything he‘s affiliated with."
—Big Floppa
"Bitches be like "Bingus this, Bingus that, how about you bingus the hell up already?"
—Big Floppa
"Le bruh moment"
—Big Floppa
"Why does everyone assume that all rappers are atheists? Hail Floppus!"
—Big Floppa
- He‘s actually a caracal named Gregory.
- When caracals hiss with their ears being erect, it means they are nice.
- He‘s obsessed with shrimps.
- He had 2 adoptive brothers named Justin and Matthew..
- His favourite food is cement, especially when mixed with shrimp.
- He can hide his ears if he feels like it.
- He was almost killed by Bingus multiple times.
- His Father was an hardcore alcohol addict.